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What happens when you desperately dream of having a little girl but god blessed you with 2 boys instead? You pray that someday your sons will find awesome girls to become your daughter in laws. And if your son finds one just like you, you know maybe a little psycho, a little bitchy, and loves racing, Well that’s even better! Psycho Bitch Racing was designed by Christa Schneider and Holly Burk (soon to be Schneider). As the girls of team CHT Motorsports they are inseparable, partners in crime. They get quite a lot of attention for their carefree, fun attitudes and of course for their bad ass racing abilities!  Sometimes they may be a little bitchy, definitely always psycho, and racing is their whole lives! They knew they had to create a brand for themselves because come on how often is a mother in law and daughter in law this close? People mistake them for mother and daughter or sisters all the time! If you’re looking for a good time you know you have to find the 2 psycho bitches Christa and Holly the party is always where their at! They both have amazing racing accomplishments, Christa’s favorite being when she won an IHRA National Event and Holly’s being when she won Pro at SummitMotorsportsPark. Their Favorite part about racing is that they get to do it as a family. They love making new friends, especially with girls just like them, so if you’re the perfect combination of psycho, bitchy, and a race chick join the psycho bitch racing family!